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The firm’s mission is to offer a specialized, exclusive and competitive assistance and consulting service to meet the needs of our customers in certain times. We are committed to excellence in the protection of our clients, of whom we identify and select expectations and needs, in order to provide a personalized, high added value service. To guarantee all this we are certified ISO 9001: 2015, the standard that defines the requirements of a quality management system, with particular regard to the efficiency of the processes, a rigorous monitoring of the results, a constant professional updating of the Lawyers. We select our partners on the basis of the same standards of quality and ethical and ethical integrity

Business Area

Real Estate

We assist the client, in Italy and abroad, in the process of acquisition, transfer or transformation of real estate, starting from due diligence, to the management of relationships with financial institutions, up to the acquisition or sale of the property. we offer assistance in drafting and concluding financing, design and procurement contracts in the case of building interventions and redevelopment operations.

Medical Liability

We provide specialist advice and assistance in cases of medical error, responsibility of the health facility and defects of biomedical products, aimed at:

  • verify the existence of responsibility, with the support of the specialist doctor and of the coroner
  • quantifying the damage suffered
  • get the right compensation

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Our office is located in:
Piazza G. Mazzini 15 sc. c int. 9, 00195, Rome, Italy


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